Whether you’re just starting off and have one employee, or you’re running a 700-employee team, there are two things you don’t compromise on — back-end infrastructure and forward-facing market brand.

We offer long-term and project-based solutions to small and medium-sized firms who desire quality support in several areas of HR to include HR Administration and Compliance, Recruitment, Training and Employee Relations. From building a scalable HR infrastructure to assessing and redesigning your compensation programs to solving your talent retention problems, we have senior human resources consultants who are experts in the breadth of HR Functional Areas.

We can help your every step of the way. From a simple project to full HR Department’s responsibility. Here are several of our HR Solutions:

  • Employee Handbooks.
  • Policy and Procedure Development.
  • Legal Updates and Best Practices.
  • FLSA/Exempt and Non-Exempt Classifications.
  • Risk Management. Assessment, identification and prioritization of risks. Legal and regulatory compliance auditing and investigations.
  • Diversity & Inclusion. Mentoring, training, guidance and coaching on cultural differences and practices to employees at all levels of the organization.
  • Organizational Compliance. I-9 Auditing, Compliance Training, HR Audits and Compliance Checklists.
  • Employee Records Management. Ensure HR Technologies facilitate compliance and reporting requirements. Assistance with setting up and auditing employee files.
  • Employment Law and Regulations. a) Compliance by Employer Size. b) Ensure HR Technologies facilitate compliance and reporting (e.g., tracking employee accident and safety reports). c) Training, mentoring and coaching senior leadership on HR-related legal and regulatory compliance issues (Illegal terminations or discipline, unfair labor practices). d) Coaching employees at all levels to understand illegal and noncompliant HR related behaviors.

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Our Testimonials

Coaching Solutions

People say change is hard. It is, but it is much more achievable when you have Leyda as your coach and mentor to guide you through the process. I was lucky to have Leyda as an executive coach during a period of time where I needed to change my leadership style. I learned a lot from her on dealing with leadership challenges, building a high-performing team, and providing a vision to guide and unify the team.

Jordanna D.
Coaching Solutions

Leyda knows how to connect with people. You are a great leader, an amazing coach! and I admire you so much! You brought me to a new level of professionalism and leadership. I feel adept at dealing with crises and disputes, high profile communication opportunities, articulating new visions and bringing teams along with me. I’ve learned how to be a leader without ego, how to confront and tackle sensitive issues.

Suzanne M.
HR Solutions

As a business owner whose goal is to deliver services to our internal and external clients in a cost-effective and efficient manner, I recognized the importance of having sound personnel policies and procedures that are not only compliant with labor regulations but establish best practices in key areas. We looked to HCCI, LLC to provide an objective review of our personnel management practices and provide a set of recommendations to improve these practices. With HCCI’s assistance, we updated our handbook, established policies and procedures that comply with federal laws and regulations, and documented job functions, responsibilities and supervisory relationships with up-to-date job descriptions. We continue to look to HCCI to provide their guidance and expertise in sensitive personnel areas that require a good understanding of human resource management and labor regulations.

Kennedy U. - Digital Media Corporation
HR Solutions

Through coaching, I was able to gain the confidence and skills needed to communicate effectively with executive management. As a mid-level HR professional, I learned how to translate the detailed issues of a business problem to an executive level summary with direct impacts to the bottom line. This change in communication has already improved my effectiveness as a leader within my organization. Leyda taught me to challenge the status quo, propel our processes forward, and drive change within the organization. Coaching has provided me with a new perspective on my role in the business as a leader and my capability to change and challenge the systems used today to help grow them into tools to support our ever-changing business. Thank you Leyda for your guidance and support!

Michelle G.

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