Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict

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Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict will help improve your self-awareness around conflict behaviors. Rather than focusing on a step-by-step process for conflict resolution, Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict will provide you with techniques to curb destructive behaviors and effectively respond to conflict situations.  This new assessment helps transform uncomfortable encounters into strong relationships.

 Your DiSC® Style in Conflict: You will explore your own DiSC® style and learn how to interact in conflict with people with different DiSC® styles.

  • Destructive Responses: You will also explore common destructive responses to conflict and why you and others might react this way. This valuable information can also relate to conflict in non-work settings.
  • Appreciate how your style of handling conflict affects the people around you
  • Learn how to “catch” yourself when going down a destructive conflict path
  • Learn how to reframe a conflict situation and choose more productive behaviors
  • Build a common language in the organization around appropriate conflict behavior
  • The 22-page Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Profile provides an in-depth, highly personalized report that highlights techniques to improve self-awareness around conflict behaviors.

The Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict assessment can be used as a stand-alone activity or as part of a larger training program. For organizations that want to implement DiSC®, we offer professional facilitator materials to get trainers up and running quickly.