Powering Employee Development with Everything DiSC

  • Posted on January 31, 2019
  • by aleman

Creating a sense of community within any organization can be a demanding task. By encouraging employee growth and celebrating success, the challenge can turn into a rewarding journey.

As a little girl, Mandy Smith knew she wanted to change the world. Today, as the Vice President of Training and Employee Development at Southwest Business Corporation (SWBC), Mandy has realized that she can do exactly that by using Everything DiSC®, a proven workplace solution that helps people develop effective communication strategies and teamwork to build healthier workplaces.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, SWBC provides hundreds of insurance, mortgage, and investment solutions to financial institutions, businesses, and individuals worldwide. Since the late 1970s, SWBC’s workforce has grown at an increasing rate thanks to their strong relationships with financial institutions and insurance companies. However, the company had no formal processes to pursue training and development opportunities for their growing staff. As they continued to expand, SWBC knew they needed to invest in their employees in order for the company to thrive.

SWBC found the perfect solution through one of their longtime clients who used DiSC® to help improve teamwork and communication within their own organization. Not surprisingly, this quickly caught the attention of SWBC’s executive leaders. With the guidance of Authorized Everything DiSC Partners Mary Anne (Wihbey) and Roy Davis of Peak Performance Solutions, SWBC decided to implement Everything DiSC, which has become the cornerstone of the company’s corporate training program.

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