HCCI is the unifying champion for expanding quality HR mentoring relationships in the world. We are inspired by the intersection of a new generation of HR leaders and the new global standard for the HR profession: The Society for Human Resource Management Body of Competency and Knowledge. See The SHRM BoCK™ for additional information.

A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials. Lucius Annaeus Seneca said that, and he was right.

Mentorship 2.0™provides a unique opportunity for experienced HR Leaders to develop others, and less experienced HR professionals the opportunity to learn and grow in their HR journey. Our mission is to raise the caliber of the HR Professional by fueling the quality of mentoring relationships and closing the gap between knowing and doing, learning and action for both, the Mentor and the Mentee.


Benefits of the program:

The benefits of mentoring affect both mentor and mentee. Mentoring is a powerful tool for building your network and keeping pace with a rapidly evolving profession. It can be particularly valuable for solo practitioners or anyone who wants to grow by cultivating good relationships. Mentors can make a profound difference in the lives of their mentees — and in turn, strengthen our communities, economy, and country. The mentee should feel strengthened by the experience, able to see things with greater clarity, have a defined career path, and the professional skill set to move forward independently. The mentor should experience the satisfaction that comes from giving back, knowing that they’ve positively guided another towards their own self-discovery, and that they’ve actively participated in the chain of knowledge. Visit Become a Mentor or Find a Mentor to learn more about the benefits.

Program Details:

The Mentorship 2.0™ program is less formal than most mentoring programs; rather than a rigid and defined agenda, our mentors will use their expertise in the field to guide the mentee, from their own experience, to be successful. Our focus is on knowledge-sharing within a network of individuals who have a wealth of experience in the Human Resources field. It’s a power-free, two-way, mutually beneficial relationship where the mentor will act more as a facilitator, allowing our mentees to discover their own direction.

Program Design:

The Mentorship 2.0™ program was designed and built on the foundations of a formal and structured mentoring partnership, but using a flexible, modern mentoring model on its execution. This casual approach allows the Mentor and Mentee the ability to customize their own program and work towards goals they themselves have established. Each team is given the freedom to decide the program setting, how often they would like to meet, when, and what their time will be focused on – it could be a meeting over lunch, a phone call or even e-mentoring. Each Mentor/Mentee pair is carefully matched to provide the best quality and outcomes. The core to our collective work is the fundamental belief that less experienced HR professionals deserve quality mentoring relationships that will allow them to more completely realize their full potential, meet and exceed strategic business objectives for either small, midsize or large organizations.

This program is NOT – a free consultant services, a job search service, or an ongoing dependent relationship. Mentorship 2.0™ is SHRM Recertification Approved, RESEARCH-INFORMED & HR PRACTITIONER-APPROVED BEST PRACTICES FOR CREATING AND SUSTAINING IMPACTFUL MENTORING RELATIONSHIPS.