Leadership Coaching
Developing the Leader Within You

Leadership begins with self-awareness and personal growth. This coaching system equips you to lead from wherever you are. It will empower you to take control of your life and learn to be consistent and intentional about your personal and professional growth.

It takes self-awareness and self-respect to be a successful leader, whose able to respond positively to the unanticipated challenges that emerge over the course of a busy working day. When someone asks you for help, they call upon you to lead, and that needs to be honored. Some days, these situations can be irritating.

It could be at the end of a long day when someone calls you with a problem. It could be an employee interrupting you to ask for guidance. Your first response may be emotional. You may be tempted to resist, snap, deflect, or brush them aside. While it is important to have boundaries, it is also important to recognize leadership opportunities when they arise.

Developing the Leader Within You coaching system is designed for emerging and established leaders that are intentional about their growth. Designed to gain personal clarity as you answer thought-provoking questions about your values, purpose, and goals, you develop practical habits as you learn to apply new insights. We will meet one-on-one via skype or phone.