Caring Should Never Suppress Candor…

Caring should never suppress Candor, While Candor Should never displace Caring


I am sharing with you a caring candor checklist for working with your people. Before having a candid conversation, make sure that you can answer yes to the following questions:

  • Have I invested enough in the relationship to be candid with them?
  • Do I truly value them as people?
  • Am I sure this is their issue and not mine?
  • Am I sure I am not speaking up because I feel threatened?
  • Is the issue more important than the relationship?
  • Does this conversation clearly serve their interested and not just mine?
  • Am I willing to invest time and energy to help them change?
  • Am I willing to show them how to do something, not just say what’s wrong?
  • Am I willing and able to set clear, specific expectations?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then your motives are right, and you have a chance of being able to communicate effectively.

As you work with people and have candid conversations, let me remind you of one last thing: candidness is a two-way street.

Let’s model the behavior. Solicit feedback, allow people you work with to be candid with you.

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